• Jess Schembri

Why more and more of you are joining our global mission.

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling things like…

“I should be way ahead of where l am now”...

“I think l have the drive to make an online biz work for me, but where do l start?”

“Why aren’t l as motivated as these other people seem to be?”

Often the reason is as simple as not having the right people around to support and coach in the direction you want to go.

Do you often feel un-motivated or disappointed?

Don't worry girls, your not alone. We all have days where nothing goes right, we eat all the bad food, we don't get much accomplished and we feel like we have failed. I definitely know that for me this is a regular occurrence, because part of being human is having both ups and downs right?

More often than not the feeling passes fairly quickly. We snap out of it and get going with life but other times you could do with some assistance in the area of staying motivated. The aim of course is to get to a certain level and stay there. A level where your getting things done and moving forward more often and with ease.

Because when you know in your heart that you can do more, when you know there is more in you, its frustrating. When you keep seeing yourself jumping from project to project, lacking time and motivation and feeling in a constant state of disappointment as a result it can be really hard.

It effects your mental state, it often effects your health and wellbeing and we know it effects those people around you. Because nobody wants to be around someone who's always in a state of frustration. What most of us crave is a life that feels like it's going somewhere, we have things to look forward to and we have people around us who are cheering us on.

I don't know about you, but I've had many years where I felt like my family and friends weren't cheering me on.... but the truth was I was never cheering myself on and that was the real reason I wasn't moving forward.

So how do we change this?

When I founded The Abundance Effect I wanted create a mission around living life abundantly. Life lived on our terms with an abundance of time & choice, with an abundance of health & vitality.

Our mission is to help women harness their potential. The supportive community we have created is where it all starts.

For less than the cost of a pair of Whittners we will sign you up to be a part of our girl gang. We will arm you with some awesome tools around how you can start improving your health and your mindset straight away and from there the fun...and work begins!

The decision starts with you; Stick with people who pull the magic out of you, not the madness.

When you start working with our team of beautiful women you will be introduced to our training resources, our system that is proven to work and given access to over 200 hours of training calls so you feel armed with all the knowledge you need to confidently start creating an online business that's heart driven and gives back to others.

Step-by-step guidance and support is one

of the things we pride ourselves on.

How do we link arms and what happens next?

The first thing we will work with you on is clarity and purpose. Why are you here? What do you want to create? How can we help you to make that magic happen?

You will always have an abundance of accountability buddies on this journey also. People with positive intentions who genuinely want to see you achieve is often hard to find, but not in our tribe.

If you love a challenge then we will be here to help push you to the next level. We can help you set goals and guide you towards a positive mindset breaking through limited thinking and teach you that it's ok to dream big.

By having a series of coaches with you on this journey we can keep you on an accelerated timeline or meet you where you are at and work with you at the pace your willing to go. Most of all "no one wants to go it alone in this life" and thats what it means to join a team. Because accomplishing things is fun but when done solo it can be a lonely ride.

Like anything in life,

if you do the work

you will be rewarded


So.... if you love the idea of joining a tribe of others who have an genuine interest in your outcomes and goals and would love to help you get more out of life even when you feel like your getting off track, then get in contact.

Make today the day that you become more

motivated around getting what you want out of life.

Jess x