Let's just be clear... you landed her for a reason. We don't know why, but I bet you do.

The Abundance Effect was born after too many years of struggle.  Lets be honest and upfront.  Don't most online businesses come out of either passion or frustration?  Passion for being creative for example or frustration due to lack of $$$$.


Well this was a combination of both.  Our space here is a place where we don't mess about with anything.  We are honest, raw, vulnerable and mostly we are just "us".  Our business is based online.  We teach others how to use social media to make money.  But what The Abundance Effect stands for is so much more.  We area about... community, connection, fun, passion, personal development, growth.... and WAY MORE. Don't be afraid to ask... just ask.


Now let me get to the nitty gritty.​​

In the last few years the women in our tribe have all had points of desperation.  There have been time when we would rathe quit than they to succeed.  There have been times when NOTHING was enough.  We decided to band together.  Power in numbers right?​​​​

We DECIDED to just they something else.  That was the birth of The Abundance Effect.

So, I know your still asking... what is it?


Let us show you.... please watch the clip below.