Let me ask you.  What does abundance mean to you?

For us, abundance is word that gives us the warm and fuzzies.  

Imagine a life where you had an abundance of everything you desired.  

Imagine an abundance of time, an abundance of choice, an abundance of love, gratitude, wealth and health.


Imagine a life lived

on your terms.



Imagine if you could create this type of abundance for yourself and your family by helping others with their wellbeing.

Imagine if, the more you were willing to give, the more you would receive.


We are so genuinely excited that you are here and we would love to get to know you better.

But first let me tell you about my story and about our tribe! 

The Abundance Effect was born in 2016.  As a busy mum I was looking for a way to earn a little extra income.  

Already working 3 jobs I was at a point of frustration in my life.  I wasn't feeling fulfilled.  I was bored with my

job and my hourly rate wasn't really getting me any closer to living the lifestyle I desired.  I was trading time

for money and often my daughter would spend 11-12 hours a day in childcare because I was so busy

but at the same time it felt like I was never able to get ahead.

Struggling to make ends meet, time poor, upset to be missing out on so much family time and feeling like I just

couldn't find my place in the world.  I craved a 'job' that would allow me the opportunity to be creative, help

people and I craved more connection.  I kept telling myself that maybe,just maybe this ideal job just didn't exist.  

I figured I might just need to give up searching and suck it up and keep going.  

then it hit me....

Work online!


So I started looking for clues.  Trying to figure out what was working for other people.  

What could I make or sell?  I thought of clothing, cake decorating, maybe I should become a health coach.  

I was confused.  

I saw a friend of mine doing incredible things in the health and wellness space and I thought that could be

a good fit for me.  I was passionate about being healthy for my family and I definitely loved helping others,

so I got curious and started asking her some questions.

First she told me about the lifestyle program she offered.  She promoted this program online alongside an

incredible nutritional support product.   Of course I immediately thought "this is one of those things", but then I started to remember how much trust I had in her.  She was always someone who I'd looked up to in terms of her own health,

vitality and knowledge around the power of whole foods. I loved the idea of the product so I took a better look

and tried it for myself.

At the time I was already pretty healthy.  I didn't feel like I could feel much better but after only a few weeks

I started to notice my energy levels go through the roof.  2 years on and I have been through my second pregnancy

taking all of the products throughout every stage.  I haven't been sick with a cold or flu in the last couple of years and my family have all seen huge impact from being a part of our program alongside the nutritional support.





When it came to the business I actually hated the idea of direct selling.  I felt like there was a huge stigma

around the word network marketer and I definitely never envisaged myself getting into "selling" of any type.  

What I realised though is that I'd been recommending restaurants, beauty products, hairdressers, nail salons

and clothing brands for years and I definitely wasn't receiving an income from them.

I made sure I had complete trust in the company and product I was about to align myself with.  I loved the fact

that the company has been around for almost 50 years and product almost 27 years. Add to this 30+ medical journal

published studies proving its effectiveness, I was sold.  Our team is the fastest growing in the world right now and becoming

part of The Abundance Effect means you get to be a part of this with us.

Our tribe of women are here with a passion for doing more, being more and helping others have more.  


We help to unlock the true potential in others and often find that when people are looking to start a new venture 

they turn to online.  Most online businesses come out of either having huge passion for something or a feeling of frustration for wanting morebut not knowing how to get it. 

Our space here is a place where we offer an abundance of resources, a gorgeous heart driven community of women,

a chance to feel connected, a chance to make new friendships, personal development and coaching,

mentoring, weekly training and so much more.  


We are honest, raw, vulnerable and mostly we are just "us".  Our  community of women is diverse and thats

what we love most!  This can be for anyone.  Our business is based online, but we connect regularly in person nation

wide also.  We teach others how to use social media to make income and an impact.  Pretty simple right? 


So why The Abundance Effect?

We believe that everyone is deserving of more.  We know that each and every one of us has the power to grow

and succeed in life.  Being surrounded by a tribe of people who support and encourage your growth is what we believe makes our community unique.  No negativity, no dog-eats-dog mentality.  Just love, support and kindness.


Personal growth and business growth

go hand in hand when you join our tribe.


Don't be afraid to ask for more info... we would love to share it with you.